My Story

After 5 years in the IT field as an Engineer, I took the leap and followed my original dream of becoming a full-time digital artist. Everything I have learned now has come purely from hard work, dedication and most important of all, passion. Fast forward to the present and here I am, a self-taught artist specializing in character design and vector illustration. My major sources of inspiration come from the Japanese pop culture and the Harajuku street style. My favorite thing to do is drawing cute things which have a dark side to them as well. This sprouted from my love of the Kawaii or “cute” artworks and character goods from Japan, such as Badtz Maru from Sanrio and Sentimental Circus from San-x, and also the Punk and Goth culture.

My Skills



Character Design


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Web Design


About SugarOverkill

SugarOverkill came alive in 2008 as the brainchild of character designer Michele Pelayre. Originally intended to be sold only on merchandise offered by Zazzle, the cute and dark brand’s increasing popularity has turned it into a growing design studio creating characters and illustrations for a wide array of media – worldwide. A number of which have been highlighted on books, and fashioned as tattoos, apparel, accessories and more.

The name comes from two combined words, “Sugar” referring to all things sweet, cute, bright and colorful and “Overkill” meaning overdose and exaggerated. The art depicts characters that are too cute that they have gone bad…or at least their attempt to be.


Some of My Clients

Quite a few of them are already regulars!