Artist and Freelance Work

Do you accept commissions?

Please check the homepage regarding my availability. Most commissions I do are related to branding packages and character designs. Feel free to email me about your inquiry and I’ll get back to you.

For what work are you usually hired for?

A lot of clients hire me for my branding packages to help them create an identity for their online shops. I also get hired for character designs for apparel, as well as design elements for games and apps. Feel free to view my portfolio for past projects I’ve worked on.

What's included in your branding package?

The basics are covered, such as a logo and a custom character for your mascot. A business card is included as well. As for the rest, I adjust it according to the client’s needs. Many request for a Facebook cover, Etsy banner, product tags, and even large banner designs for their convention booths.

How much do you charge for commissions?

It depends on the complexity of the illustrations and what it will be used for. If you need a lot of designs, like in the case of a branding package, I offer generous discounts. If you are serious about commissioning me send me an email and I can give you a reasonable price.

How can I send you my payment?

Currently I accept payments through PayPal only.

Do you create websites and blog templates?

I accept commissions for web layouts done in Photoshop but I do not do any coding, just the design. If you need a developer I have a few good developer colleagues and I’d be happy to work out a complete web design package for you.

Can I use your images as graphics to design my website or blog (e.g as header, background, etc.)?

Because of abuse and people claiming the work as their own I strongly discourage it. But if you are interested in licensing my art or characters feel free to email me. 

Can I use your illustrations or characters to create jewelry, plush toys or other handmade items?

Yes you may as long as they are for personal use only and you do not sell them to other parties. You can submit a picture of your work and it will be featured on the site or blog. Be sure to ask for permission from me first.

Can I feature you on my website or blog?

Sure you can. Just send me a note so I’ll know about it. It always makes my day to know my work is appreciated.

What software and tools do you use?

I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 with my ever faithful Wacom Intuos3 graphic tablet.

Commission Process

It's really easy-peasy

1. Send inquiry through email and receive price quotation

2. Sign agreement and pay down-payment

3. Artist begins sketching and submits sketches for Client’s approval

4. Artist begins vector illustration process

5. Client confirms illustration and pays the rest balance


6. Client receives a private link to download all the illustration files