Sugar Charms Branding Package

kawaii cute unicorn rainbow pastel logo

A unicorn and pastel themed branding package with lots of kawaii icons!

Yet again I had so much fun working on this because I’ve always loved unicorns since I was a child, thanks to the movie “The Last Unicorn”. Aside from the pure enjoyment I had on this project, Kristen Pia from Sugar Charms even took the time to write me an awesome testimonial:

I came to Michele not knowing what I wanted. I basically told her my theme was “kawaii” with pastel colors. I’m pretty sure you can’t get any more vague than that. Michele has this amazing questionnaire that you fill out beforehand so that she can get a feel for what you are looking for. After I filled out the questionnaire, she took a look at my social media sites and came back with the perfect mascot ever! I wouldn’t have even dreamed of using a unicorn as a mascot, but it was so perfect! I love unicorns and a lot of my pieces tend to feature them. The color palette she came up with as well as the font choices were amazing! She has such a great attention to detail and such amazing aesthetics in her work.

Michele gave me several mascots, color palettes, and font choices to choose from. If I didn’t agree with any, she would have given me more options, but I didn’t even need that! The choices she gave me were so perfect, that I couldn’t decide what to use! After choosing all of those, she came back with identity choices and later the final product. Each of the choices she gave me were so amazing that I had to ask my family for help on what was best to use.

Michele’s pricing is very affordable. For the branding package that I chose, I’m shocked at how affordable the prices were, especially after I received the finished package. My package came with so my different options for the logo, that I will be able to use it for any situation that may arise in my small business.

I highly recommend her to everyone looking for revamping or creating their business brand. She was exactly what I was looking for and I am so impressed with the finished product. She is very professional and responds in a very efficient manner. You will not be sorry for hiring her services!

Thank you Kristen for your heartfelt testimonial!

The package was one of my basic ones which includes a logo with mascot, a business card design, and a seamless pattern.

You can view the entire project in my portfolio here.

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